Thursday, June 27, 2013

Struggling with Emails – Follow Simple Tricks for Better Credibility

Emails can be the big problem solver or a creator and it all depends on how you as a marketer manage to employ the medium for your benefit. Some of you, I am sure are still confused if emails should be imbibed within their marketing strategy? Such notions are predominantly present due to stigma of spam – where we do not want to bother our customers by loathing inboxes with email promotions.

Even SEO, that expectantly guarantees top rankings for a particular keyword or pay-per-click marketing that involves major marketing costs, it becomes extremely hard to determine how good your email marketing campaign is now and how good it could be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Branding Message – Triangulate to Create A killer Value Proposition

Entrepreneurs are chameleons. They are a magician that keeps changing hats as per situation, adapting to whatever role they are required to play. But when it comes to customer, it has to be one thing and there are three attributes that successfully establishes the brand message – consistency, consistency, consistency. And the moment it breaks consumers gets confused. Want to settle down as the first choice, configure your branding message in a killer way.

Is it possible?
Yes, it is..It depends on how well you have to determine that one key message that your product or service promises to deliver.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adopting Six Sigma in B2B Lead Generation - Manage Gaps in Sales & Marketing

A harsh truth prevailing in marketing borderline, there still lays a pertaining gap in B2B sales and marketing teams when it comes to lead generation. Moreover 73% of business sales leads transferred directly by marketing to sales are not sales ready and only half of the remaining 27% eventually end up being qualified.

Six Sigma principles in B2B lead generation
But things do not have to be in this way, effective B2B lead generation requires a tight symphony between marketing and sales and while closing the gap between them is certainly impossible, focus on the grounds of shared similarities of the two functions.

Let’s check out a five step process for solving the mismatched differences of both functions:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

“To Go” Content – The New Age Experimentation Luring Marketers

Changes are happening all across the channel triggered by the changing consumer behavior. The trend started from long content continued till short form of content and now reached a stage where consumers are preferring content that is a concise blend of informative content mixed with a crisp medium confirming best possible knowledge transfer. And as a marketer it’s important to follow these changes and adapt in kind. 

Such phenomenon is not what expected in a short period of time. In just few years we have gone from an even distribution of long term content consumers and short term consumers to an exclusive blend of short term content consumers to an almost exclusive blend of short term content users.