Monday, August 12, 2013

Sending B2B Emails – Wait and Think “What is the Purpose”?

No doubt, emails still rules but how much B2B marketers are able to makes use of it as part of their strategy? It’s still a question haunting thousand of marketers and the very importance of email marketing. Many B2B marketers still lack in creating strategic, impactful messages that are designed to help and educate an audience, they are missing out on a big lead generation opportunity.

Email Truths..

Reviewing Marketing Sherpa’s 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report revealed that just about half of respondents send out 10,000 to 10 million emails every day – only 15% reported to Marketing Sherpa that they have dedicated resources to produce content for each stage of the buying process.

Therefore, before you press, “Send”, take a good, hard look at what’s in your email. Let’s look at the following questions that would compel you to wait and think about the “Purpose” of sending such B2B emails: 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

# Fail – Moment When Hashtags Loses Demeanor

Hashtags was one of the docile feature that might not have been flashy discoveries of the social media age but captured Twitter’s original calling card making a reputable mark. Easy to use and essential, hashtags have been essential the way users find, use and share information converting it as not only an important part of Twitter but other social networks like Facebook and Google+ etc.

Hashtags Presence

Hashtags presence can be judged back from Twitter that when used correctly can help introduce your brand and content to a new league of followers, customers and fans. Over the years several brands have accepted the same trending hashtag and created some of their own masterpiece to benefit from the increased attention and exposure. However there are some, who did not have had the not best of experience, so here we are mentioning the cases for reference while determining what actually went wrong: