Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Employees are Real Brand Ambassadors and True Marketers

Do you agree with the caption or not? If not, start believing it from today. Yes, it is true your employee is the real marketer and ambassador.  Don’t you think so? They will be always speaking about the company - good or bad. The situation is at brink and employees are more demanding in terms of almost everything. 

Take a chance

Before social media, it was a different equation. The entry of online moguls like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ has changed the demographics of business. It is important to allow your staff’s presence on social media during work hours for exponential exposure to your business. Do you agree with it? Still no, surveys suggest that micro controlling the staff makes the situation worse and inspires them to preach negative side of your organization. Hence, give them the freedom; connect with them socially to add more values to existing state. Employees undoubtedly communicate to the outside world about the brand they work for. Don’t you think business can utilize this opportunity to promote? Harness employee advocacy for positive results and convert every employee to brand ambassadors.

Connect People

Centralize the process by virtual interactions and integrate the departments for better approach. Push the notification and content to streamline the online management. Communicate through social media for personal touch and allow the staff to share their views. Respond to their posts honestly and unbiased, to add more credibility in the process. Why should you do this? Answer is simple and straight, it inspires staff to speak about the positive side of organization which will boost the online reputation of firm. Positive employee advocacy leads to sharing safe content of the firm in online world. However, before publishing the content, it can be reviewed.  

Recognize and Reward

When you share the contents on social media, it is important to re-tweet or repost for the comments posted. Employees play vital role in this part and help to redefine the business to next level. Encourage them to comment on customer’s view which builds their confidence and sparks healthy competition among them. Recognize talent and award them for the job done which concludes the engagement on positive note. I hope you’re convinced now, choose employee advocacy over capital to increase the financial stability for future engagements as employees are prominent promoters of the establishment.