Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Viral Tweet – Be A Brave Heart And Do It!!

So yes you want to make a tweet go viral get inspired from some of the biggest brave hearts of industry who made little effort to impress and more to offend. Let’s take an example of Divshot, whose silly April fool’s joke created a stir and attracted over 6,000 tweets and not to mention the desired attention.

Background – Divshot’s is an innovative website development tool which generates professional grade code during design process. Now knowing their customers likeliness for design and good taste it created a new “Geo” website template keeping a light reference to Geocities. Announce grabbed Hacker News’ notoriously cynical community, taking major tech community attention.

Sounds fun, and all of this without a single dime spent. Can any management ask for more? Can we move our attention toward the example right above and think of getting inspire from it. Let’s discuss some top five lessons learnt from it:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Thinking about Branding Change – Think About SEO

Businesses need to keep up with time and think about progressing well. After all every company evolves with time and in this case many B2B marketers who wanted something else is looking for something different and new. Businesses need to keep up with time and so that they develop products and services to keep up with time.

SEO Change:
Some 5 years ago it was acceptable to submit a website to lots of broad directories to get a backlink. But today broad and free directories are almost dead. With this change in the industry it meant that as holy preachers of SEO even we require to change our approach.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Personalization, Optimization and Monetization – 3 Pillars of Digital Marketing

It’s great to be a digital marketer now. Emergence of new trends along with familiar ones are ghastly moving towards maturity. However in 2013 the pace and potential for pushing the boundaries is greater than ever before. Mostly this year we shall see the next generation of customer experiences delivered, driven by rapid optimization for mobile and app based experiences, the evolving dichotomy of personalization and privacy, and the explosion of retail integration.

More than ever it’s clear that customers have begun to prefer mobile experience and it’s also obvious that marketers are going to spend their extra bucks on developing the same platform. Though mobile experience counts more in terms of customers, though marketers are investing big time to move towards mobile-optimized websites and content because it’s easier to publish and more importantly it gives marketers real-time access to analytics data through the cloud.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Judging Brand Values - B2B hires B2C Principles

You thought B2B and B2C are two different disciplines, but surprising study conducted by Temkin Group identifies leading practices that companies can use to establish client-centric relationships. It doesn't comes as a surprise since most of the time B2B seems to get inspired by B2C marketers and tactics does not have a lot different meaning whether applied to any of them.This is one area where B2B again gets inspired from B2C.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tax Tips: Save Money For Your Business

So are you missing out on major tax deductions you’re entitled to. Small business owners, self-employed workers and independent workers can write off many legitimate business expenses immediately, reducing the amount of income on which they pay taxes. According to Mike Piper, a CPA who writes about investing at the errors are basic and easy to avoid.
So let’s discuss couple of simple rules to maximize money while staying on IRS’s good side:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marketing Messages to Sales Conversations – Content Marketing Overcast

Evaluating your organization internal sales and marketing coordination would give you an idea of how the plans made in the boardroom is actually implemented. There lies a major disconnect between marketing messages propagated by organization and the conversations their sales people are actually having with the prospects. Content marketing is one such aspect that overcasts around business communication and has recently been upgraded as the recent savior of B2B marketing. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Direct Mail and Online Marketing: Keys to Flawless Marketing

So what do you think is the key to successful marketing for small business? Its leads, leads and more leads. And this holds true not only for small business but also for big business too. But as rightly said the end shall justify the means and therefore an integrated marketing system that makes the most of direct mail and online marketing works best for achieving the target.

Let’s discuss four steps that shall achieve your dream of flawless marketing, leaving no leads behind: