Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SEO Challenges – Real Time Issues For Large Corporations!!

SEO has become one of the important aspects of marketing for any business large or small. However, as challenging it may seem for smaller organizations to compete with the large corporate, even they face challenges that may is caused by the size and presence of its website.

SEO is defined as the process that usually begins with industry and keyword research, and then move onto a site optimization, then continues on a link building.

The Fact is
If you perceive from outside it seems logical that larger organizations have better luck with SEO, as their website is already establish with huge opportunities for building links. Well in some cases it’s true; however large corporations face SEO challenges that smaller companies don’t have to worry about.

Challenge No. #1 - Size:
If you belong to one of those companies that have different departments with different products/services to offer. SEO best practice is to conduct keyword research for each and every one of the pages and then incorporate approved keywords onto each of the pages.

Many organizations would hire a SEO specialist, however, some companies can’t fit this additional specialist into the payroll and the marketing department is likely already maxed out on time. In this case it often makes sense to outsource the work to a trusted SEO agency that has to be guided all through the way. 

Challenge No. #2 - Red tape:
Larger organization SEO process is quite complex as the agency typically goes through a rigorous approval process starting with the marketing managers, the content team, the PR team, and the department managers all want to have a say in how the site is optimized, meaning that any SEO content needs to be viewed by a lot of eyes. This can take a long time.

Challenge No. #3 - SEO is in a silo:
Small organizations only have the marketing department taking care of the SEO. But if you transfer your attention to larger organization you will find a separate SEO team, a PR team, a social media team, and a content team all struggling to work in harmony.

Overcoming the challenges and establishing a proper SEO process is extremely important for big business to run successfully. Have you heard about any of such challenges, share it with us. We are eager to hear from you. Till then, stay locked for many interesting content. 


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