Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Launches Disavow Tool – Gets Mixed Reviews!!

Google is back again, with the much anticipated tool, called as the Disavow tool. Well the very name suggests that you disown something that you do not prefer to keep. And that’s what it aims to provide. The Disavow tool is a Google Webmaster Tool that lets you ask Google to not consider links to add to your website that you think might be harming your website’s ranking. 

What does it plan to accomplish?

Let’s say over the years you have acquired low-quality links you have acquired over the years – for instance, if you purchased a link and want to remedy the situation before Google finds out and smash you out in the SERP war – use the Disavow tool.

Negative SEO, a practice in which competitors attack a site with spammy links and whatnot, has been debated for a long time, and many will see this tool as a way to eliminate the effects for this. Google has specifically responded to this.

The Risk!!

Well the tool has its own risks of using it. It’s pretty much a last resort tactic for links you’re positive are hurting you, and can’t get removed otherwise. Google has warned repeatedly about this, as over-use of the tool can lead to webmasters shooting themselves in the foot. SO take safety measures before using it time and again or you may be hurting your site by getting rid of links that were actually helping you in the first place.

The Mixed Reviews:

Well some are in support; some think it has quantitatively increased the work load of marketers. It will work well for you have a shady history of link building. Let's start with the fact that using this tool doesn't automatically mean Google will disavow the links. It works as a strong suggestion rather than a directive.

Now, even the case may be you should be sure about your suggestion. It is obvious there are already tonnes and thousands of cases pending that requests high-quality inbound links to be removed from their site.   Whether this stems from a lack of information on how inbound linking works or misinformation from a site crawler or other SEO tool telling them links are bad (that aren't), it is a huge bummer to lose the link juice from high-quality links.Now, if you do accidentally disavow links that turn out to be good, you can undo the process by downloading the file and re-uploading a new one with those good links removed.

I would conclude, by saying with all Google’s reputation you should try it, but make sure that some good amount of thought has gone into the process. 

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