Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Annoying Email: Tame It!!

Do you feel that Emails have started to annoy your employees? Well they actually can be instruments of distraction disguised as tools of productivity. “Technology is an addiction, if you cannot switch your Blackberry off, there is some serious problem” says Gayle Porter, famous management guru. It costs one important aspect of employee productivity that is ‘concentration’ that leads to around 2.1 hours of lost productivity every day. Surprised?

Extended Highlights:
Time is Money. Any doubt? Computer chip giant Intel analyzed that e-mail overload can cost almost $1 billion for low employee productivity.
Rescue Time, a time management developer firm describes that the intrusions are same. Typically an employee checks email 50 times and uses instant messaging 77 times.
After effects can include anything from side tracking workers from their jobs, undermine their attention spans, increases stress, annoyance and decrease job satisfaction and creativity.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

CRM: The Ultimate Tool For Decision-Making

Every company boasts of having the most exclusive, detailed and unique database. But ask them how they are going to make use of it and they are clueless. There are limitless advantages of CRM system that can prove to be a new tool for business turnover:
  • They can be valuable tool to understand your customers.
  • Better meet their needs.
  • Improve your service performance.
  • Expand to other undeserved customer segments.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

B2B Insights – Differentiate Between PR and B2B Social Network

PR is similar to Social media, isn't it? I have heard this confused idiom so many a time that I finally took the pledge of clearing all doubts. PR is an irreplaceable part of any B2B marketing strategy; it can be an extraordinary tool to carry the word of mouth out. But let’s dive deep into B2B insights and find out if PR and social media are same?

6 Differentiators: 

You would have encountered the same query from senior B2B marketer that their PR firm is not able to achieve what they plan to get through social media. It’s pretty obvious because PR and B2B Social networks are different. Here are 6 major differentiators:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Click Click – The Age for Visual Social Media Marketing

We are witnessing the age of visual social media marketing; it’s here right in front of us. We are so short of time that we do not have the time to read texts. Anything implied through visuals and images are both attractive and easy to capture information. So given a choice visitors are willing to opt for images rather than text. Thus the rise of iconic visual communication sites Pinterest and Instagram and applications like Infographics!

Stats to ponder over:
  • The most shared and clicked-on links on Twitter are images.
  • Images on Facebook generate more reach, views, and interactions.
  • Blog posts with images generate more traffic.
  • Recruiters judge your LinkedIn profile more by the photo than the content.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get In The Valentine’s Mood: Be ‘The Ideal Brand’

I am sure you have heard about the laws of attraction. These law that fit aptly in these valentines’, let’s put our brand out there and see if the Laws of Attraction still persists its long luster magic. It’s all a world of attraction in business also. We are all here to develop strategies to expand our reach, business or market our professional or personal brands differently all in effort to attract others and compel consumers to buy.

Making of ‘The Ideal Brand’:

Have you seen the perfect, attractive brand that embodies qualities like personality, body language, humor and personifies as a brand’s fingerprint. It’s these unique qualities of a brand’s personality that is impossible to replicate. When building the ideal brand, it’s important that you give a personal touch in making the brand’s image that makes up in building the brand’s image, values and beliefs.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SEO Challenges – Real Time Issues For Large Corporations!!

SEO has become one of the important aspects of marketing for any business large or small. However, as challenging it may seem for smaller organizations to compete with the large corporate, even they face challenges that may is caused by the size and presence of its website.

SEO is defined as the process that usually begins with industry and keyword research, and then move onto a site optimization, then continues on a link building.

The Fact is
If you perceive from outside it seems logical that larger organizations have better luck with SEO, as their website is already establish with huge opportunities for building links. Well in some cases it’s true; however large corporations face SEO challenges that smaller companies don’t have to worry about.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Google Launches Disavow Tool – Gets Mixed Reviews!!

Google is back again, with the much anticipated tool, called as the Disavow tool. Well the very name suggests that you disown something that you do not prefer to keep. And that’s what it aims to provide. The Disavow tool is a Google Webmaster Tool that lets you ask Google to not consider links to add to your website that you think might be harming your website’s ranking. 

What does it plan to accomplish?

Let’s say over the years you have acquired low-quality links you have acquired over the years – for instance, if you purchased a link and want to remedy the situation before Google finds out and smash you out in the SERP war – use the Disavow tool.

Negative SEO, a practice in which competitors attack a site with spammy links and whatnot, has been debated for a long time, and many will see this tool as a way to eliminate the effects for this. Google has specifically responded to this.