Wednesday, February 20, 2013

B2B Insights – Differentiate Between PR and B2B Social Network

PR is similar to Social media, isn't it? I have heard this confused idiom so many a time that I finally took the pledge of clearing all doubts. PR is an irreplaceable part of any B2B marketing strategy; it can be an extraordinary tool to carry the word of mouth out. But let’s dive deep into B2B insights and find out if PR and social media are same?

6 Differentiators: 

You would have encountered the same query from senior B2B marketer that their PR firm is not able to achieve what they plan to get through social media. It’s pretty obvious because PR and B2B Social networks are different. Here are 6 major differentiators:

B2B Social Network                                                                     
  • Engage prospects and customers
  • Transform prospects into leads
  • Build relationships
  • Increase value with relevant content and conversations
  • It’s about quality of your social community                                                              
  • Influence News media and industry analysts
  • Drive brand awareness and social buzz
  • Make news
  • Discussing why your company is unique and special
  • It’s about amount of fans, followers and social reach you have

PR Positioning – Where does it fit and where it doesn't!

Here that looks simple enough and believe me it’s that simple. And if you started questioning the fact that should we place importance on having a PR firm work on social media for a B2B company. The answer is YES!!

We only have to know where does it fit and where it doesn't  they should be focused on what they do best influencing the influencers and work on massive word of mouth marketing about your company. So why not we take a step ahead and say what you shouldn't be focused on:
  • PR should never be involved into crafting strategy for B2B social media marketing.
  • To find and engage prospects and customers using social media.
  • Develop and optimize content for social engagement.
  • To decide whether you are or not succeeding with social media.
  • Asking them to grow your Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels they are responsible for quality and not quantity of your social media community.
Differentiate better for a successful B2B strategy. If your intentions are clear and focused you would know exactly what to expect from your PR professionals. Till then, keep reading!!

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  1. Strategic positioning is the space you occupy and the image you have among users relative to competing products. It is crucial for your approach to the market because you are competing for share of mind.