Thursday, February 14, 2013

Get In The Valentine’s Mood: Be ‘The Ideal Brand’

I am sure you have heard about the laws of attraction. These law that fit aptly in these valentines’, let’s put our brand out there and see if the Laws of Attraction still persists its long luster magic. It’s all a world of attraction in business also. We are all here to develop strategies to expand our reach, business or market our professional or personal brands differently all in effort to attract others and compel consumers to buy.

Making of ‘The Ideal Brand’:

Have you seen the perfect, attractive brand that embodies qualities like personality, body language, humor and personifies as a brand’s fingerprint. It’s these unique qualities of a brand’s personality that is impossible to replicate. When building the ideal brand, it’s important that you give a personal touch in making the brand’s image that makes up in building the brand’s image, values and beliefs.

Be the ‘The Ideal Brand’:

1. Know Yourself:

Oh yes, it all starts with being yourself. Understand who you are as a brand and replicate the same in all you’re campaigning. It sounds easy but it is the most common mistake conducted by companies all around the world.

2. A powerful team:     

Within minutes after the lights went out in the Super Bowl stadium, Oreo launched a Tweet featuring an image of a sole Oreo cookie under a spotlight with the headline “You can still dunk in the dark”. The Oreo brand team and maybe their agency were clearly on standby, ready to quickly take advantage of an opportunity that resulted in over 20,000 retweets and immeasurable word of mouth. Possible only by an impeccable team of experts.

3. Be a Fan Lover:

Be a humble fan lover. They stay with you all through ups and downs.

4Network with Influence:

Influence first, sell later. These loyal promoters would not mind to get up on 13th floor and shout all good things about you, only because they care. Never miss to build and love this band of influencer.

5. At your reach – Always!! 

All matters within your reach of brand always maintain your charm and make it compelling for consumers to return  Your prospects, customers and evangelists are in control, and if you can relinquish it to them with confidence – by being confident in the strength of your brand’s fingerprint – you will always be on top of your brand’s growth.

Traits of an Ideal brand:

Be introspective, be adopted by others and a part of their shared values and never fail to fulfill your promise. Be the ‘Ideal Brand’. 

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