Monday, April 22, 2013

Thinking about Branding Change – Think About SEO

Businesses need to keep up with time and think about progressing well. After all every company evolves with time and in this case many B2B marketers who wanted something else is looking for something different and new. Businesses need to keep up with time and so that they develop products and services to keep up with time.

SEO Change:
Some 5 years ago it was acceptable to submit a website to lots of broad directories to get a backlink. But today broad and free directories are almost dead. With this change in the industry it meant that as holy preachers of SEO even we require to change our approach.

The imperative: Focus is now to create new and fresh content on a regular basis that includes keywords and links and improving a social media presence.

Branding change > SEO change
Therefore as soon as B2B organization decides to change its brand or messaging it should be well prepared to assume there are going grave effect on B2B SEO campaign. So the business website is the hub of all marketing activities both offline and off.

So the Problem!!
What is some businesses are thinking of changing the website content for reflecting the new brand messaging without thinking twice about how it shall affect their performance in the search engines or online. Leaving the search engines confused and relevantly decreasing the number of visitors.

The Right Approach
  • So it shall start with outlining all of the pages on the website in which the content may be changing.
  • Take a look at the analytics of the same page.
  • Check if the pages are delivering significant amount of traffic; are the visitors coming to those are converting carefully consider in changing the approach of content.
  • Have a look at the keywords that searchers are using to land on those pages.
  • Make sure that those keywords appear within the meta information and on page content.
  • Make sure to use all those keywords while you are briefing the content team. 
Keep a brand audit done and religiously study the effects of SEO too. It’s an overhauling effect over the search rankings and would require the right use of keywords at the right time. So fear not go for branding change just keep this post in mind to study the after effects and  planning the defending strategy. 


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