Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marketing Messages to Sales Conversations – Content Marketing Overcast

Evaluating your organization internal sales and marketing coordination would give you an idea of how the plans made in the boardroom is actually implemented. There lies a major disconnect between marketing messages propagated by organization and the conversations their sales people are actually having with the prospects. Content marketing is one such aspect that overcasts around business communication and has recently been upgraded as the recent savior of B2B marketing. 

Content Marketing Overcasts:

But the major question that lingers within the mind of marketers is:
  •      What sort of conversation is that content supposed to stimulate?
  •      How is the interest the content arouses going to be satisfied?

The purpose doesn’t ends if the content piece is finally released or when your prospect fitting your ideal customer criteria responds; the job is done when the initial stimulus leads to a buying decision.

Query Management:

And when the sales people are at the other end, what do we expect him to say when someone has consumed the content and wants to learn more? Now it’s the sales tactics as they make up stories as they go along. Your sales superstars may sail smoothly although it certainly opens up inconsistencies in the way the message is interpreted. Imagine about the average sales people who are most likely to stumble upon.

If you are a marketer, I am going to suggest that no piece of content should be put into production until and unless you’ve worked out and agreed with the sales team and agreed with the sales team what sort of conversation you want to stimulate and how you’re going to equip your sales people to conduct it.

Joined Up Approach:

This approach has achieved paramount importance: first your content must have a clear purpose – it must lead a qualified reader to conclude that they need to address the issue you’ve chosen to focus on. You don’t have to hack them over head let them figure out some of the dots by themselves, just as they figure the picture you want them to see.

Deciding the conversation direction:

Your content brief should also direct the direct where your conversation shall be going. What are the top talking points you want your sales people to equip with and what questions you want them to ask, additional insights and supporting stories and testimonials you want to share. Helping them to identify whether the prospect and opportunity is worth pursuing.

So let your content marketing shape in a way that supports your sales conversations and marketing decisions. 

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