Thursday, April 18, 2013

Personalization, Optimization and Monetization – 3 Pillars of Digital Marketing

It’s great to be a digital marketer now. Emergence of new trends along with familiar ones are ghastly moving towards maturity. However in 2013 the pace and potential for pushing the boundaries is greater than ever before. Mostly this year we shall see the next generation of customer experiences delivered, driven by rapid optimization for mobile and app based experiences, the evolving dichotomy of personalization and privacy, and the explosion of retail integration.

More than ever it’s clear that customers have begun to prefer mobile experience and it’s also obvious that marketers are going to spend their extra bucks on developing the same platform. Though mobile experience counts more in terms of customers, though marketers are investing big time to move towards mobile-optimized websites and content because it’s easier to publish and more importantly it gives marketers real-time access to analytics data through the cloud.

So we are at the inflection point where we have as number of mobile phones as they have PCs and if you do not have mobile optimized content you will be left behind in the rat race. The competition to watch for in future is between the apps and mobile optimized content, something to cherish for.

The increased combination of optimization and sophisticated analysis would lie in the hands of local digital marketer leading to more personalized consumer experiences and clearer ROI. With the right data, we can provide a powerful bespoke experience for individuals, rather than a website designed for everyone relating specifically to no one. In doing so you can gather and analyze more finite data to get accurate ROI and advertising is stopper perceiving as advertising and get considered as relevant information.

This effort however stings on the availability and accuracy of the information given leading to the basic question of how much of personal information do I want known by organizations that wants sell things to me?
Whatever be the case there is a trade off happening between personalization and privacy. However the more information you give the greater relevant experience you’ll get and vice versa.

So there is quite a lot to look forward to in the coming year however 2014 will be a more upgraded, next gen year of processes. Marketers would start to rapidly innovate content strategies and the successful ones will be those who continuously evolve and push the boundaries of personalization, optimization and monetization. The question again is, Are you next on line? 


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