Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Viral Tweet – Be A Brave Heart And Do It!!

So yes you want to make a tweet go viral get inspired from some of the biggest brave hearts of industry who made little effort to impress and more to offend. Let’s take an example of Divshot, whose silly April fool’s joke created a stir and attracted over 6,000 tweets and not to mention the desired attention.

Background – Divshot’s is an innovative website development tool which generates professional grade code during design process. Now knowing their customers likeliness for design and good taste it created a new “Geo” website template keeping a light reference to Geocities. Announce grabbed Hacker News’ notoriously cynical community, taking major tech community attention.

Sounds fun, and all of this without a single dime spent. Can any management ask for more? Can we move our attention toward the example right above and think of getting inspire from it. Let’s discuss some top five lessons learnt from it:

  • Stop FORCING
Most of the ideas get distorted by excess brainstorming and heavy mix of ideas. So when you are final with the idea present it to the marketing team, do a little dimmy dimey here and there and publish it. Stop trying too hard.
  • Stop the fear of OFFENDING
Yes your idea must be hideous, offending many customers and followers but they all shall get the gist of it once they know the occasion.
  • Stop BEGGING
You can sound too desperate when you ask people to share. No matter how strong your marketing campaign is, it won’t be shared unless it’s effortless. You can’t force people to tweet. They should be moved to press the share button.
Do not embed secret message or try to optimize a conversion funnel from the traffic. Especially occasion like April fool’s day is seen as a time for marketing gimmick, if you try hard to turn it into a business objective, you shall most likely destroy the fun part.
Keep it original and simple. The reason why Michael’s April fool’s stunt proved a ‘hit’ was because the idea was not derived from a PR agency strategic plan or from an offsite focus group. Enjoy the process.

So the next time you get a opportunity as green as April Fool’s day, do not miss it just pull another gag and watch the fun of viral tweets. 

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