Monday, May 6, 2013

Twitter for Business – Networking Tool that Drives Business

“Twitter for Business”, well the headline alone is enough to generate queries regarding the effectiveness of the site suiting business purposes. It’s extremely important to understand the basics before moving ahead to experiment with the intricacies of newly launched Twitter for Business resource page. Fully equipped this resource page can provide your team with education, tools and success stories to enhance your Twitter engagement.

Unlike the other previous version, the latest iteration organizes content into helpful and goal oriented sections. Major three areas reformed to focus on education, rather than telling business how to spend money advertising on Twitter is:

1. The Art of the Tweet
Entire process capturing of how to engage with Twitter can be derived from here. Starting the Basics section educates users on hashtags, searching, creating lists and engaging with people you want to know. Not much sure about all Twitter lingos, reverts to the glossary section to clear up the confusion.

2. Building Your Community
You will also be facilitated to find instructional guides on how to attract followers, engage a target audience, and make the right impression with your profile. Guides on how to advertise on Twitter, as well as to teach your employees to use social network can be found.

3. Outstanding Examples
The entire #success section is about inspiration. Collection of examples spans many industries, but be sure that Twitter focuses on big brands like Porsche, American Red Cross, and ESPN. The entire example digs into each brand’s unique challenge, solution and results. Rather than focusing on finding examples in your industry, look for case studies that share the same challenges as your organization.

Weaponizing Self
There are many guides and examples on how to use the Twitter advertising platform to target the right people, integrate on-page marketing efforts and scale your efforts. Equipped with the understanding of Twitter analytics package and how to measure follower growth, engagement, reach, traffic and conversions, guides and promotional tactics it makes the new Twitter avatar unavoidable and personal favorite of online marketers. 

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