Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keys to an Awful marketing Email – Endure>Resist>Avoid

Before we begin, I would like to ask a small question: How many of you worry about junk mail and the answer received was quite expected – Not much. Why? Because there is a folder in your email that does it for you and correct me if I am wrong but marketing emails are responsible for 70% of “this is spam” complaints. Such facts can really influence the way email marketing practices that has existed till date. 

What Are Some of the Keys to an Awful Marketing Email – Let’s Review

1. Writing a Generic Subject Line
Using generic subject lines including deals, coupons, does not reveal anything; 20% off but on WHAT? Your subject line should invite the person to do something, to experience something, to enjoy some kind of benefit, so formulate accordingly.

2Disallow recipients to send a reply Email
Stop sending emails from a “Do Not Reply” email address that forces someone to get into a one way conversation. A marketer should encourage an exact opposite and include an email address that actually accepts email.

3. Use Unsophisticated Design
Layout and design is one of the few things that catch the recipient eye. Therefore keep your emails clean, while using a simple layout to avoid images that takes forever to load.

4. Risking use of Broken Dynamic Content
Make sure your ESP helps you to avoid such mishaps by providing default content where customer information is missing.

5. Highlighting the Least remarkable content
A simple reason why people unsubscribe from business or non-profit emails is because of its frequency. Do not send unremarkable just for the sake of it, send content that confirms a point.

6. Images loading improperly
Most of the recipients receive mail in plain text, therefore avoid deigning your entire mail in image and while you design make sure you're using ALT text that's descriptive enough to fill in any blanks for readers that don't see your images displayed in all their glory.

7. Not using Calls to Action
Put a call to action to invite your recipient to sign up for a discount, to view discounted products for sale on your website or sign up for updates.

8. Not Permitting recipients to Unsubscribe
You may have an awesome website providing excellent information, but it may not be as relevant to your customers and should be given an option to unsubscribe.

So are you ready to create a killer email? Just avoid above marketing faux pas and you are good to go.

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