Monday, May 13, 2013

Third Party Influencers – The New Brand Carriers

There have been situations when a potential client is unfamiliar with a product or service and the company providing it. Such situations are commonly true in one-time closing situations and also mostly in seldom purchased products. No doubt you may be the best salesperson in the world with a pure sole motive of 100% to serving the needs of your customer. Therefore come the role of third party influences to build the trust, need and hurry necessary to achieve a onetime close.

Why you should go for third party influences? Here are our top five reasons:

1Formulating Instant Credibility
Its a secret desire of most brands to be perceived as a credible player and what best way to create that than building a bandwagon of influencers. When an unaffiliated expert speaks positively about your brand it instils a sense of credibility that is difficult to garnered in any other way.

2Conformity on Product
One of the surest ways of ensuring product success is to confirm that your offering does what you say it does. So it’s quite common that your brand managers speak about features and benefits but it creates a different confidence when a third party speaks about it.

3. Accessible to Top- Tier Media
One of the greatest benefits of third party influencer is their association with top tier media. Thus proper networking with this folks will help your product land on some of the most desirable news shows of the country.

4. Achieve broad Exposure
Along with strong media relation they also have a committed social media following. Once connected, you can potentially gain access to the consumers who follow their insights and advice on blog, Twitter account or Facebook page.

5. Optimize Social Media
Third party influencers can be extremely effective when utilized within your social media programs as well. For example, doing a Q & A on Twitter with an influencer can help drive consumer engagement online while hosting a Google+ Hangout with an expert and one of your brand spokespersons allows them to better explain the features and benefits of your product to media attendees. 

So what are you waiting for direct your marketing efforts to develop a strong list of third party influencers. 

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