Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strategy –Premise for Social Media Success

So everyone wants to get into social media, many already have and others are clueless about it. What makes social media a goliath medium for small business entrepreneurs is that they fear to invest huge amount of time (without strategy) and waiting for desirable results. So have you any idea how social media success looks like? Think about it (it’s not about having one million followers.

Want to make Big – Stop Saying Start Listening
Well it does more good to understand what people actually want to listen. And if you are looking a direction for formulating a superstar strategy, well here’s how you can get started:

1. Understand your Scope
Do not follow the league of others - analyze where your customers are and which are the platforms that your competitors most likely to play with. Find an ideal platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and bring them back to your venues by correct networking.

2. Find your Voice
Most brands commit the mistake of posting in a robotic voice lacking a sense of personal connection. A time when personal branding is on a high, companies tend to fair well where social media humanize their brands. It can be witty, fun, consultative, something else – a little different.

3. Develop a Rhythm
Hardly anyone prefers a chatterbox at the same time it is important to be heard and participatory in social. Listen to the social environment and competition while they guide you through right efforts of social media.

You cannot start a marketing campaign without a strategy and you cannot post on Facebook without one either.

In a fight for achieving interaction and engagement, decide:
  • What is the USP of your brand that will make them “like” you?
  • Reasons to engage with your content?
  • Techniques to report those metrics of success?

Once finalized you can
  • Participate in discussions looking for issues concerning your target market (use Social Mention, Google Alerts and Topsy).
  • Walk into forums to see what topics of interest is relative to your business.
  • Look for key influencers to help amplify your message, free tools like Followerwonk can help you follow them and listen to what you’re saying.
  • Competitor sites can also help you drive engagement.

So what guarantees your social media success – understanding of own business, competitor’s techniques and target market interest. Once you are done with that you are ready to rock and roll and don’t forget to keep me posted about this.  

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