Thursday, June 6, 2013

“To Go” Content – The New Age Experimentation Luring Marketers

Changes are happening all across the channel triggered by the changing consumer behavior. The trend started from long content continued till short form of content and now reached a stage where consumers are preferring content that is a concise blend of informative content mixed with a crisp medium confirming best possible knowledge transfer. And as a marketer it’s important to follow these changes and adapt in kind. 

Such phenomenon is not what expected in a short period of time. In just few years we have gone from an even distribution of long term content consumers and short term consumers to an exclusive blend of short term content consumers to an almost exclusive blend of short term content users.

Twitter has emerged as a more preferable medium of receiving news than the New Your Times.
Consumers just don’t have time to sit and consume content and while this might be worrisome but if you’re associated with an SEO services firm that knows its way around the industry you should be doing just fine. 
Things within industry might be changing and short form of content might be taking a center stage but that doesn’t mean your brand has to lose on potential opportunities.

Tricks to master “To Go” content
The average attention span of consumers has melt down to almost 3 seconds in some cases, given such a short time span can your brand create the same impact of promotion and awareness. To capture the short span of consumer’s marketer should weave a campaign that increases attention on production, development and publishing of short form of content.

Delivering Short Form of Content
Use, embrace and champion mediums like
  • Twitter
  • Vine
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Your blog
  • Your website

Your blog and website can prove to be an equally great medium to promote short form of content if you have a video of 30 seconds or an infographic or an audio clip, mix up the mediums as and how you like and enjoy the results.

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