Thursday, June 27, 2013

Struggling with Emails – Follow Simple Tricks for Better Credibility

Emails can be the big problem solver or a creator and it all depends on how you as a marketer manage to employ the medium for your benefit. Some of you, I am sure are still confused if emails should be imbibed within their marketing strategy? Such notions are predominantly present due to stigma of spam – where we do not want to bother our customers by loathing inboxes with email promotions.

Even SEO, that expectantly guarantees top rankings for a particular keyword or pay-per-click marketing that involves major marketing costs, it becomes extremely hard to determine how good your email marketing campaign is now and how good it could be.

Simple Tricks for Better Credibility

Let’s discuss a few simple tricks that would help you build emails with better credibility:

1. Emails more frequent
Do not stick to age old mechanism of sending emails with a monthly newsletter or with an information of sporadic sale or new product announcements. Replace habits to send frequent, relevant emails, once in a week to continue to remain in the top of the mind of the consumers.

2. ..Spice it  up
Emails that is witty and fresh even if send frequently would not let audiences subscribe and invariably would let your product reflect on the top of mind of the consumers.

3. Try Re-mails
For every email that you send, resend it later to those that did not open the email but now with a radically different subject line, offering almost 20% to 100% increase in results.

4. Increase Compatibility
You would be surprised to know the number of devices, desktop software (like Outlook), and Web based emails (like Gmail) are used; therefore make sure that your images are readable without the images showing. Use to test how emails look in different platforms.

5. Include Call to Action
Like most website landing page, each emails that you send should have a clear, primary goal and call to action. Make sure to highlight a single point and maintain it through your emails.

6. Keep going back to your Bestsellers
Refer to emails that have been able to generate greater click rates and keep going back to see what worked then to plan your next email accordingly.

Feel these are great tips; well just try them off to see remarkable turnarounds for your campaigning projects. 

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