Thursday, June 20, 2013

Branding Message – Triangulate to Create A killer Value Proposition

Entrepreneurs are chameleons. They are a magician that keeps changing hats as per situation, adapting to whatever role they are required to play. But when it comes to customer, it has to be one thing and there are three attributes that successfully establishes the brand message – consistency, consistency, consistency. And the moment it breaks consumers gets confused. Want to settle down as the first choice, configure your branding message in a killer way.

Is it possible?
Yes, it is..It depends on how well you have to determine that one key message that your product or service promises to deliver.

The Idea of Triangulation
B2B marketers often fail to determine what the clear message should be? The answer is to triangulate rather determining a location in relative to three distinct points. Even the most experienced ship captains saves himself from Bermuda Triangle using the same approach.

Here are the three essential points to create the idea of triangulation:

The Customer Perspective
Master your customers, check out every details of them. Do not guess, understand them better by conducting interviews, surveying them, paying attention to social media and if required following them across the mall. Take an account of what your customers value and the keywords used while they search.

The Internal Perspective
Brand message should be loud and clear and should incept from the very ground zero. What makes your product or service unique? Always stay in touch with your people within the organization and keep talking about the vision. Notice what your top sales person is doing to close sales? Analyze all the differences and keep a note about it.

The Marketplace Perspective
Only one brand can be the King. Look at your competitors – How do they position themselves? Look at their taglines and track the “about us page” of their website. Lets consider Palmolive that positions itself as the only dish soap that softens hands while you do dishes. Make sure that your value proposition is distinct.

Intersecting the Perspectives

After completing noting down all your perspectives, draw a Venn diagram and using three overlapping circles, see these perspectives meet and how. Always keep the future not too distant and plan accordingly. 

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