Thursday, May 23, 2013

LinkedIn Marketing – Explore Interlinked B2B Strategies

LinkedIn marketing continues to create more and more stir as more and more businesses, especially B2B businesses realize the importance and value of creating a comprehensive strategy for one of the largest social networks. Well I must say it’s not an easy task whatsoever. For different channels require different competencies from marketers to master the tricks and divulge traffic.

Studying across different marketing journals, I have come up with 7 excellent strategies where you can interlink LinkedIn marketing to B2B strategies:

1. Be Present
To begin with have a presence in LinkedIn. Company pages are fine but LinkedIn groups are the best place to get leads as you can create groups by topic or vertical and engage people. Monitoring the activities would ensure how interested people are in you and your company.

2. Increase Awareness
Execute the promotion machine in which you re-message, re-market and re-target. By doing so you can reach people everywhere, appear bigger and more importantly get people’s attention to your content, remain number 1 in your prospect attention and get the most out of your each dollar spent.

3. Promote for Leads
  • Content is a great way to promote for leads. Here are the following avatars in which you can use it:
  • Give  –  Offers – Discounts & Deals – Contest
  • Advise – Tips – How to – Obstacles
  • Warn – Dangers – News – Coming Soon
  • Amuse – Funny pictures & quotes – Non Offensive – General audience
  • Inspire – Inspirational quotes – Motivate – Coach
  • Amaze – Pictures – Facts - Stories
      4. Leverage Employees
Well if there is one band wagon of army who are that extremely loyal to accept and carry the load of propagating your brand – sending invitations via LinkedIn, share news and content to their LinkedIn feeds with a smile on their face – well it’s your employees.

5. Prospect for Leads
You can always look for new prospects with the Advanced People Search in LinkedIn; this particular search item allows you to search for granular people including CEOs at companies of more than 5000 employees or people in specific job section in a particular industry.

6. Nurture Leads
LinkedIn groups allow you to interact and have a positive impact on an established social community. Contact leads via InMail, LinkedIn helps you take a cold call and turn into a hot lead.

7. Advertise
LinkedIn advertising is still an evolving product and it is mostly used by B2B companies, targeting job titles, companies, industries and LinkedIn groups.

So why wait more, get your hands dirty starting now and explore LinkedIn to its core!!


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