Sunday, February 17, 2013

Click Click – The Age for Visual Social Media Marketing

We are witnessing the age of visual social media marketing; it’s here right in front of us. We are so short of time that we do not have the time to read texts. Anything implied through visuals and images are both attractive and easy to capture information. So given a choice visitors are willing to opt for images rather than text. Thus the rise of iconic visual communication sites Pinterest and Instagram and applications like Infographics!

Stats to ponder over:
  • The most shared and clicked-on links on Twitter are images.
  • Images on Facebook generate more reach, views, and interactions.
  • Blog posts with images generate more traffic.
  • Recruiters judge your LinkedIn profile more by the photo than the content.

The trends are clear - images are the key to breaking through the clutter of social media. With 88 percent of businesses now on social networks, it is more important than ever to build a strategy that involves the content that your audience actually wants. Increasingly, that content is visual.

Is it important? It is..
It simple if you want your website content to be shared across different visual networks you need to have a strong image strategy. Many websites, like, report that visual social marketing is the number one source of traffic to their website.

Make the most of this Trend? But how?
So we have pledged to help you overcome the stumble blocks and plan a rocking visual social media marketing strategy. Here are few pointers:

1. Make your webpages – Visually attractive:
Include relevant images in all pages of your website and will ensure that your site is highly shareable on the visual web and can drive more traffic, leads, and sales to your site. Also try pinning your pages on Pinterest to see what images show up for each page.

2. Stand out - Optimize your social content:
Most leading businesses are making use of images in their content on all social networks. Your Facebook, Twitter, blog, and even LinkedIn strategies should include images.

3. Be the Lead – Join the fastest growing league:
Pinterest and Instagram are two of the quickest growing social networks, and brands have seen tremendous success in brand building as well as generating traffic, leads, and sales from these networks. Take a look at these sites and build a strategy for how your business can get results.

So what are you waiting for? Just click and be the leader in the world of visual social media marketing!!


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