Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shape Up – Time For Social Media Success!!

Is social media important? Hell ya, it has played a pretty impressive role in shaping up a business from ground zero into a popular brand. Have you ever wondered about the key feature in social media campaigns that determines its success? Well take up any recent social media campaigns and you would find that most of them have tried to create and sustain online culture around their brands!! 

How to build Online Culture?

Now if that is a question that’s crossing over your mind then let me tell it takes time. Yes. It does. Framing and establishing a consistent picture of your brand into the customers mind takes into a lot of effort, strategy and TIME!! However, the phenomena generally follow the below syndrome: 

1. Common Language Anthem:

Develop a language that binds customers and supports communication among community members. Every product has its own core value proposition and positioning, therefore choose word that best describes those traits. The best example would be the Old Spice “Swagger” campaign that broke the shackles of its pre-historic image and help cross sales to over 500%.

2. Integrated Common Goals:

Every campaign should enclose individual goals and desires, their aspirations and individuality only then consumers would get interested and drawn. Particular importance should be paid to:
  • Are the goals easy for people to understand
  • Will the goal be easy for consumers to modify (for example, by using it as a verb) and thus nurture the culture by producing new elements of language derived from the initial ones
  •  How easy the goal will be to map new activities based on these elements of language 

3. Shared Symbols that guide actions:

Apt medium while sharing campaigns can determine the future of it. Overall, when choosing the nature of interactions for a campaign, particular importance should be paid to
  • What types of activity should consumers engage in
  • To what extent and how should community members be differentiated
  • How should community members be rewarded for engaging in the campaign (publicly versus privately; monetary compensation versus non-monetary compensation, etc.)

Prized Reward

Implementing all the techniques can be time-consuming but the benefits of such an arduous task give the biggest achievement for any business – Customer Loyalty.  Therefore do not think twice about creating online engagement. 

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