Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013: Watch Out For The Brand New SEO Campaign:

New Year brings different flavors to business and it’s always the best time for some up gradation of old techniques. Similarly SEO campaigns as one of the competent business tools requires some over the top thinking and reformation. You cannot just let SEO take the back seat and expect it to perform by itself.

New Year, New SEO: It does not mean to re optimizing website in every three months as there is so much more to SEO than mere online process. As we have already entered into New Year let’s have a look at the changing trends with SEO and plan a new and improved SEO campaign.

1.   Keyword research – Turn on your red light:
After a considerable period of time let’s say after 2 years or so consider revisiting your website and  weed out under performing pages like tighten up your internal linking and navigation and consider including keyword research a part of your SEO campaign.

Analyze – What user search behavior changed since the last time you optimized your website, what new industry keywords are popping up also track those keywords that has remained the cornerstone of your SEO campaign and measure whether they are still on track.

2.   Content marketing – Re-direct your focus on:
Start to take control of your website content and ramp up your content marketing efforts for new SEO campaign and look into getting real guest blogging opportunities on different industry sites.

Analyze – See if you can ramp up content creation on your blog by accepting few guest posts or start interviewing industry experts and publishing those interviews as blog posts. A guest blogger or expert is going to want to promote content with their name attached to it, but it’s your blog that reaps the link building and traffic driving benefits!

3.    Link building techniques – Start chasing them:
A good SEO campaign never misses out on the much sought after link building techniques.

Analyze – Start chasing over hard to win links that you would have missed earlier and transform your link profile stronger. Avoid the frustration of spending long hours on building links and focus on the output that such well-famed links would bring to your website.

As 2013 gets us all off to a fresh start, you’re probably thinking about new avenues to explore as you optimize your website. What can you do to make your site more visible, more attractive, and rank higher in the SERPs? We already explored few ideas and now it’s your turn to implement it.

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