Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Age SEO Campaign: Compete To Survive

“I am gonna beat you in this game” looking back I think how often we have repeatedly used this claim, be it in games or studies or later in our businesses. Competition is present in almost all businesses. There are though few companies that operate as monopoly, but if you are into online that isn't likely to happen. 

Positive competition has been voted as one of the important factor to grow and the same logic applies to any of our new age SEO campaigns.
Secret Formula – There is none!!

No, there isn't any well proved secret formula that would help you win the competition and remain on the top page of the search results. Your one time sheer luck would have favored you once but that doesn't mean it would work every time.  Remember it’s a one-time deal. Internet, as a medium is ever changing, therefore the rules applied should be upgraded, if you desire to stay on the top.

Techniques: There are few rules if followed would help you win the race in SEO:

1.       Watch out for – Keyword targeting strategies
Here you can use tools like Google Analytics or Google’s Webmaster Tools program to track those keywords that are most effective and are producing most online conversations.

2.       Keep an eye on – Content Creation
If you are applying techniques like pay-per-click, SEO or any other digital marketing strategy to attract new customers, one important ingredient to keep an eye on is “CONTENT”. Including new content to your site makes it SEO friendly and can share it to go viral.

3.       Stay guard on – Competitor’s backlink profiles
Definitely monitor your own site to prevent any detrimental attack, but do keep a track on your competitor’s backlink profiles using Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer as some of the best SEO efforts aren't widely popular but people accidentally stumbling upon a successful combination.

4.       Maintain a hawk’s vision on – SEO news
SEO is a dynamic field that is continuously changing. Monitor SEO news website like Search Engine land or Search Engine Watch, to capture any possible trend that could be a hit, before your competitors and rock the market.

Most of your SEO queries are covered above but if you still have any better suggestions to win over your competitors, feel free to share with us. Till then, happy blogging!!

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