Monday, January 7, 2013

4 Tips: Track Your Online Traffic Downfall!!

“Why is the traffic going down”? asks your Marketing manager. The reasons can vary between slow site loading to irrelevant content or poor promotion. But ultimately it’s a question that is not only related to the performance of your team members but also how wisely have you utilized your SEO campaign.

Major concern lingers within:
  • What keywords are used to draw traffic and which ones are performing best.
  • How many referential links were you able to build and did any of them send substantial traffic.

The worst case is when there is continuous drop in visitors and management starts to lose its faith in SEO. But before such havoc breaks down, let’s dig deep within the problem and explain, “Why the downfall in traffic”? 

1.   Accident – Did it occur to your website?
A proper check up of your website will give an idea whether the drop is due to that URL not redirected properly or the search engines have not completely indexed all your new pages. Also make sure that the Google Analytics code has been added to every page of your website.

2.   Promotional event – Did it end?
Around any festivities or launch of a new website surrounded with press releases, banner ads, blog reviews, and extra content marketing efforts and so on. Definitely such hue and cry around the launch would draw traffic that will end with another “hot” topic taking your place.

3.  Time period – Are they similar?
Compare and relate if slowdown during the seasons this year is similar to last year’s season as every business has their period of slowdown and it’s just their nature. Pumpkins sale will automatically boost during Halloween and will stay low all throughout the year.

4.   Branded keywords – Cannot draw bulk visitors
Branded keywords can account for 30% + of organic traffic for large businesses with a powerful online presence. There is a certainty on the aspect in which you have to look for. But if fewer companies are searching for your company or product there is very little that you can do about it.

No reason to panic:
Traffic slowdown is a very common phase with almost every company known, but to deal with the problem requires acute diagnosis and treatment. Follow the above points to track the exact reason for downfall and treat it accordingly. 

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