Monday, January 21, 2013

Save Your Social Media History – Create Back Up!!

You must have heard your IT admin say, Please create backup!! Well it stands true not only for your computer but surprisingly for your social network sites too. It can be too hard to imagine that it will be ever required to go back and review your Facebook posts. But if you ever need to, what shall you do?

Why to Back-up?

It can help you at the time of dispute, as social media record fall under the e-discovery process mandated by The Federal Rules of Civil Procedures.

It also can help you to keep a full record of your social media interactions and quantify marketing efforts with following up on customers service issues.

But worry not; as I discuss the 3 tools that you can consider worth trying to create social media back-up:

1. Backupify:
Backupify comes with variety of service to suit every size business service. It specializes in Google products including Google Drive, Apps, Calendar and Gmail. It also backs up Blogger, Flickr and Picasa, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

2. Frostbox:
Frostbox, an UK based company is equipped to back up data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and even Gmail, Foursquare. It basically works on cloud principle and pulls up everything follower lists, videos and photos and stores to provide access through any computer.

3. SocialSafe:
As opposite to Forstbox, Socialsafe takes a different approach of backing up your social data in computer as opposed to cloud. It backs up Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and Viadeo

Try the above tools and transform your social media data losing hysteria, a history. 

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