Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Making Junk Mail Useful: Possible!!

Yes, it’s possible. Junk mail is not always irritating; it can be prove useful with certain changes made in the content and approach. Reincarnating junk mails can truly triple your response rate. 

The Fact

Even excessive B2B mails can be categorized as “Junk”, as most of the mails received do not serve any purpose or accomplish anything – no offers, no interesting value proposition, and no reason to respond. Sometimes I wonder why actually they sent it. Now, that is junk and it can be easily reformed and made better.

The process (with example)

Few days back, I received a postcard from an electronics store, acknowledging me as Executive Marketing which is I was, almost five years ago, an old list to begin with.

I did have all major electronics at home and was pretty happy with it, still decided to scan the QR code which redirected me to the company home page, which looked kind of hazy on my iPhone.

No Offer – No Value Proposition – No reason to respond – Thus, a Junk Mail.
With no IMB in place, the company does not even know when I received the mail, so I did not expect any meaningful follow-up.

Reforming Junk Mail in five easy ways


1.  Present an OFFER:

15% off, New Year Special, a free survey of the latest electronics or “Five things to know before buying electronics”, anything to attract customers attention.

2.   A Landing page with its own URL and a REASON to go through it:

This should be the place to include the “Five things to know before buying electronics” fact sheet.

3.   Modify QR code for a version of mobile landing page:

Mobile optimized web-pages would definitely increase page views.

4.   Personalize it:

No points for guessing that the card was digitally printed take a few steps ahead and add a personalized QR code and PURL so you know that I had visited the landing page or you could even say “Hi Paul”.

5.   Track the Email:

It’s a very basic thing to do and you can use it to coordinate with a follow-up, through an email or a phone call.

Go on, Try it!!

Be pro-active and embrace all levels of digitization in your techniques, direct mail is an illustrious business tool and can turn even junk mails useful, with just a little change in technique!! Try it!! 

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