Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome 2013!! With New Online Freebies

Best of Nature’s gift is Free, but most of the time we tend to over look it!! Now anything that you do for free that solidifies your business interest and helps it, looks professional to your customers without disturbing your bottom-line is the best gift. 

For a large company it may not be a big deal since they support almost 500+ consumers and their operating costs are also higher but comparatively smaller companies free online tools can play a bigger role.

The Freebies:
Work-o-dynamics – It monitors websites for changes.

Steps – Enter URL of the website you want to monitor -> your email address-> detail of what level of changes you want to monitor. 
Result - This tool checks pages once a day and email if there are any changes.

Work-o-dynamics – It signals when your mail is received by someone.

Steps – Write email -> Enter SpyPig-> write a message title and your email address-> pick an image and copy; paste it in your email.
Result - You will get a notification the first five times the mail is opened (even by you).

Work-o-dynamics - It is an easy way to set reminders and get them over email, SMS or phone.

Steps – Choose your notification method-> time you want the reminder-> what you want it to say.
Result An entertaining way of not missing any of your schedules.

Work-o-dynamics – Need to mark up a web page or site and share that information with someone else, but the process seems too much twisted, it’s your tool.

Steps – Drag a bookmarklet to your toolbar-> go to the site you need to mark up-> click the bookmarklet-> mark the page to your content-> you will get a URL and share it with colleagues.
Result – Sharing becomes noticeably easier and enjoyable.

Work-o-dynamics – It helps to write and send an SMS if you are too lousy to do it by yourself.

Steps – It is the usual process, nothing specific.
Result – Put it to use if you are travelling and have to send SMS to a bunch of people or if there’s a change of meeting plan, anytime anywhere it would always help you out!!

With the list available, let me know which tools have you already tried and which one seems to be the best for your business!! Till then, keep reading!!

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