Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Age Brand Promotion: Start Thinking Beyond Facebook!!

Without any doubt brand marketers for long have benefited from the customized features of Facebook. But Facebook is slowly rearranging its statistics that would require brands to pay for the exposure to their followers via promoted posts. So when the era of free posting is nearing its end, how can brand start thinking beyond Facebook? 

Small talks have begun in the marketing world regarding Facebook turning costlier and heavy on small business marketers’ pockets. So it’s time to move beyond Facebook and try out certain new age brand promotion techniques:

1. Create – Community of loyal customers:
Start activating your brand advocates. If someone likes your page does not mean that you can build a successful online community of loyal followers. Take online relationships to next level so that your viewers not only post positive reviews about your business on third party review sites but do so without any incentives.

2. Try – Other Social Networks:
Do your research and find out new social media channels that can serve your purpose. Most likely Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ would be an ideal choice, along with learn some prior engagement strategies.

3. Transform – Website social:
Transform your website to being more interactive. Adjust customer testimonials within and play with the promotional aspects of your website. Run polls, contests, guests blogs and make your online site more socially interactive. 

The need of the hour
Facebook is already done changing their news feed mathematics; therefore you cannot reach the majority of your fans. An online data shows that around 63,000 people who have voluntarily liked their page and opted in to have them in their stream, only 30 percent are seeing their updates. The other 70 percent have to set aside a budget to pay to promote their posts to those people.

Therefore without further delay switch your techniques and allow more alternatives to be a part of your online brand promotion. 

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