Sunday, December 23, 2012

Changing Times: Changing Storylines!!

And you thought it was sheer luck. Businesses all across the world have recognized the importance of brand story for a successful marketing campaign. Internet has snatched the unconquerable throne of Television, an old girlfriend of larger organizations for telling their brand stories and promote. Social media and online video have helped revolutionize the medium and made possible for mass companies to spread their brand stories.

Changing times, changing format!!

Most of the early brand story telling resembled old school format of characters, plot, conflict and resolution. But with changing form of consumers, increased competition and intense price wars, the formula have changed too. Current brand’s story telling has evolved and showcases the emergence of advertising, earned media, videos, e-newsletter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blogging. Whoa some list!!

Thoughts to ponder over!!

Stop and think. There are few topics that requires your attention before formulating your brand’s storyline:

1.  Targeted - To whom?

The story should be an agreeable affair within the PR, writers and digital executives of your company. Integration within internal functions would ensure that messages are in sync and translatable across all mediums.

2.   Decide the impact:

Major impact is decided over projection of the story. A fact based history will generate a different emotional response over a school child anecdote. This response will automatically fit into the reminder of over emphasized story.

3.  Translating mediums:

Numerous communication tools at hand has definitely widened the options but increased the complexity of choosing the best for your brand story. Over analyze and then decide.

4.  Interaction and after action:

Impact would decide the mix of mediums. You can send an e-newsletter, combine advertising with Facebook updates and prep it up with posting an associative picture over Instagram. Right amount of ingredients would spice up your storyline.

This entire piece could be wrapped up in a single quote “With changing time, change your storyline”. Creativity is undeniably the king and your storyline should be compelling enough to be memorable and shareable..

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