Monday, December 3, 2012

10 Effective Tweet Strategy For Branding

A new study from Buddy Media reflects an interesting fact that “Most of the brands are missing on big opportunities to engage with customers on Twitter, by tweeting at the wrong time or by the wrong way”. Most of the twitter branding tactics are repetitive and does not show any inventiveness in its application. 

A close study revealed the top user engagement for the 320 brands on Twitter between December 2011 and February 2012, how successful where they to receive @replies and retweets. Exc ept for certain exception, the results were generally disappointing.

Follow these 10 best practices and proven tweet tactics for effective branding over Twitter:

1. Tweet during the weekend:
Only 19% brands post on weekends where Twitter engagement rates are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday vs weekday. Utilize this opportunity effectively for your branding.

2. Best days to tweet for branding – industry wise:
Entertainment: Tweet On Sunday and Monday

Publishing: Tweet on Sunday
Clothing and Fashion: Tweet on Saturday and Sunday
Sports: Tweet on weekends.

3. Tweet during maximum brand engagement:
Tweet during busy hours (8am to 7 pm) receive 30% more engagement when most of the marketers were busy promoting company brand.

4. Use different social networks:
Where tweets are replaceable by newer posts, use Facebook where most of the post remains top of the user’s news feed using EdgeRank scores.

5.Schedule your tweets:
Your tweet schedule should be planned according to the day when they perform best. Keep in mind to not overdo it as an inverse relationship exists between tweet frequency and engagement.

6. Post short tweets:
Tweets that are less than 100 characters receive 17% higher engagement than longer tweets.

7. Add links to your tweets:
Tweets that has links are retweeted 86% more than tweets that doesnot have any links.

8. Use Hashtags:
Hashtags are a popular way to identify themes or topics in a tweet. Tweets with hashtags receive twice the engagement but only 24% of tweets has them. Always keep in mind to not overdo it.

9. Tweet images:
Though image in Twitter doesnot pop up instantly like Facebook, but Tweets with image links like (yfrog, instagram, twitpic) have engagement rates 200% more as compared to to those who doesnot.

10. Ask for retweets:
Ask people to retweets. Tweets that specifically ask “followers” to retweet are retweeted 12 times more than those who do not. But less than1% of brand actually implement them.

So can you find any more tweety ideas that you can come up with? Just share with us..

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