Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 Sales Lessons Inspired From Presidential Election

Without stating any political comment, let’s start by visualising this year’s presidential election through the prism of strategies inspiring sales people and small business owners. All elections can be summed up as lessons learnt from sales and marketing campaign, from their huge expenditure over visuals on air or word of mouth on the ground.

Even this election, both the leaders propagated sales and marketing activities that are applicable to the wider business world. So, let us discuss what lessons were primarily inspired:
  1. Spending billions will not make your brand popular: Huge budget, lavish advertisements will not inspire voters to switch sides. Target individuals rather than dozens in population and develop messages that are new, fresh and informative for confirmed sales.
  2. Donot lose your temper or you will lose the argument: Keep all your powerful emotions under control. The most important rule of negotiation in sales is “never to lose temper” and for successful sales pitch “don’t take it personally”. 
  3. Do not rename yourself as “CEO”: This presidential election renaming you as a CEO is a big no no. After all the downsizing, rightsizing, off shoring and outsourcing, the trust on the label of CEO does not fly with everybody.
  4. Selling is different than installing: Donot promise something that you cannot deliver. Romney’s economic plan in this presidential election looked good on a long term basis, but it no way provided any immediate remedy for the current socio-politico-economic problems.
  5. Leaps of years are required to change brand image: Mitt Romney, changed his brand image to severe conservative and for general election to a pragmatist again. But until there is a major change happening in the product itself, different brand image will take years to evolve.
  6. Preaching people as product does not create additional customers: It seems the approach of politics as a religious preaching where a simple procedure can convert a non-believer to a believer. Such practices within politics annoy people more than actually convert.
Always trust he numbers spend proper time prospecting, focus on your deliverability and spare a little amount for hope for the perfect Sales dish. All inspired from presidential election 2012. 

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