Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Importance Of Earned Media And Its Impact On SEO

Earned media is a kind of marketing that you have to work hard to earn. Out of the three media types paid, earned and owned – earned media is considered as the holy-grail as it fulfills the dream of creating authentic social proof for your brand. Going by the figures, 68% of Facebook users intent to buy on an earned media recommendationEarned media is also called as user generated content because it is created from Facebook likes, comments and shares, repins on Pininterest, retweets, and links to your site, customer testimonials and so on. 

So today we would be discussing about the impact created by Earned media and its effect on SEO:

Tips for creating greater impact on Earned media:

Think Different

If you’re putting together a voting app, for example, try to set it up in a way that enables users to vote for something that expresses an opinion they’d feel proud to share, also make sure the app includes a mechanism for sharing their voting outcome via a news feed message.

Act Different

Users on Facebook like to keep their feeds tidy, lest gaining the image of a spammer. So keep in mind, what kind of interaction users can have using Facebook apps and contest and you can get a good idea of what is shareable and what is not.

Play Different

Different marketing goals are achieved by different means, including your social media campaigns. While your goal with one campaign might be engagement, another might be sharing and earned media. So just play and mix for better results.

Impact of Earned media on SEO:

When brand creates great content on their blogs, search engines love fresh content but they love it more when shared by others, morphing into earned media. It is more likely to be shared by users. Without owned media becoming earned media, your content isn’t nearly as valuable for SEO as it could be. What important is the peer recommendation. When people like and share your content on Facebook, inspiring others to read, it shows that they found your content informative, funny, interesting. This opens up windows for wider audience proving a great success for your business.

Much like social networking, earned media places the power of your brand in the hands of your consumers. Understandably so, some companies are hesitant about giving up so much control but it’s a step that you have to take if you want your content marketing, social media and SEO campaigns to be successful.

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