Monday, October 29, 2012

Top Five Leads Conversion Techniques For B2B Marketing

Sales leads are the most important aspect of any B2B business. With more and more consumers going online for research and to buy products, the internet has made lead generation easier than ever before. But generating leads are half the battle won; converting those leads into revenue requires a lot of effort in B2B marketing.

So we would discuss 5 effective lead conversion techniques to help you boost your sales figures for successful B2B marketing:
  • Devise an effective lead qualification system: The Marketing Sherpa report indicates that most successful marketers are those who use solid lead qualification processes, where they identify targets, capture them, qualify and nurture for easier conversion. Thanks to the rise of social networking sites that has made the entire process cost and time effective.
  • Be the Kingpin of online world: Make your presence felt in the online world through websites, social media, SEO links, and content. It is not necessary that the content should be of very high quality but it should achieve the purpose of bringing high volume of prospects and converting them into leads for your B2B business.
  • Pick the best: Do not go for the volume play. Determine your target qualification criteria and filter all leads that do not fit these criteria and start nurturing tracks. Focus on the top leads but do not ignore who are currently not your hot picks, as you never know when they might turn into one.
  • Follow-up: A study conducted by Lead 360 on 20 million leads revealed that contacting prospects six times is the best way to maximize conversion rates. Calling leads three times on the first day, once on the third day, once on the fourth day, and a sixth and final time on the 11th or 12th day was the optimal baseline for a call attempt strategy for your B2B business.
  • Nurture your leads:  Try, try and try again. Maintain consistent contact. Try not push for sales rather send supplements like newsletter, relevant articles and short calls can all work together for leads conversion.

New developments in online strategy are making the lead conversion process, easier, faster and more effective.  Build a strong marketing presence and try applying all above rules for your leads conversion rates to soar higher for effective B2B marketing. 

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