Monday, October 8, 2012

Email Marketing Lists: An Essential Element Of Any B2B Firm

Everyday numerous businesses pour good amount of money into buying email lists. B2B Email marketing, like any other communication channel, has its own pros and cons. knowing how to use it and where to use it, can decide it as a waste of money or a successful marketing tool.  Today we would be discussing how buying B2B Email marketing lists works, what should be kept in your mind while buying them and the best possible way to use Email marketing. 

Why to opt for Email marketing lists?

Email marketing list is basically a list of leads of professionals from specific industry which is sold to another company in that industry. It contains all the major information like contact details, and has the potential to connect with important decision makers of relevant industry while boosting sales. However, two major challenges of buying these lists is you cannot easily judge the quality until you buy them and the limited knowledge of the email list market. This has in turn encouraged the industry of spammers and many marketers have burned themselves by bad email lists.

Precaution is better than cure:

Below are few tips that would help you to track the best practices while using Email marketing lists:

  • Buy small portions of list over a period of time so that you can test and refine them.  Keep a standard measurable system ready in your organization, so that you can track what is working for and against you.
  • Watch out for spammers. Before finalizing the deal, do a good homework about your buyer. Ask someone who have already used their list in the past. How are they rated within the industry? Ask questions like how do they gather their data and get the authority to contact them. Do a background search using Google or different search engines.
  • Keep all your records clean. If you are ever accused, present the data which reflects that the source of every contact have given you the right to contact and send emails.
  • Quality is always more important than quantity. It always advisable to buy lists on per lead basis rather than paying for a list having bulk contacts. 

Solving the mystery of generating good leads:

After getting a list of good leads let us look on some tried and tested tricks to crack them using Email Marketing:

  • Send Emails with quality content that interests your buyer.
  • Do not force your prospects to buy. If your mail excites them, do not forget to follow up with your prospect once they send you their email address with a follow-up email. Ask them to confirm their permission for you to send them emails.
  • Keep a considerable duration of gap within your emails. Too often an email would result in considering a spam.
  • Avoid using jargon's like free, amazing, sale, discount, order now, limited etc. These words are generally associated with spam mails. Try structuring your email in a way that is crisp, attractive and interests your buyers.
Email marketing lists can do great wonders for your business if used correctly. It is also important to follow certain guidelines while sending emails to your leads for converting the leads into prospects and initiating further sales.  


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