Thursday, October 18, 2012

Using B2B Social Media For Improving SEO

SEO and Social media is considered to be the best option for B2B marketing. As search patterns keeps on changing, giving more value to social search, it becomes more important than ever to create and integrated approach to social media to improve their SEO. In a recent study by GroupM and Comscore 1% of consumers were led to a purchase via Social Media but 51% were channeled via search and 48% through a combination of search and social media. 

Therefore B2B marketers should concentrate their efforts to expand the reach of their social media to bring more traffic to their websites. So let’s discuss 6 ways to improve SEO with B2B social media:
  • Develop a consolidated keyword strategy: Start optimizing your search results using Google’ keyword tool to develop your list of keywords. Now if these are the words that customers use when they are searching for you, make sure you have these keywords in blog spots, particularly in their title and within the posts for better visibility.
  • Make your B2B blog as social as possible: Once your blog starts drawing traffic, make sure to encourage sharing of posts, by asking them to leave comments or sharing the post. Make sure that the blog has sharing buttons on the logical places.
  • Include employee sharing of content: Make it easier for employees to share by providing a pre-written tweet that you email out to employees, or share on internal network like Chatter or use tools like GoogleAMP.
  • Optimize your Linkedin network: Along with your employees, share it also with your Linkedin contacts. Post it in your status update and in any relevant groups and ask your connections to share it.Name your social media profiles appropriately: Do not spam your profiles by stuffing it with keywords. Common best practices are to name your profile against company name and use keywords in bios and updates.
  • Write inspirational Social Media posts for readers, not Spiders: You need to focus on your target groups and write content accordingly. The important thing to remember about using social media for SEO is that you are writing for the readers and not the spiders, crawling the web for search engines. 
An integrated and holistic approach to Social Media, SEO and Content Marketing is a great opportunity for B2B marketers to boost their effectiveness and create competitive advantage.


  1. I don't know this before but since I read your blog, I can now understand what is the meaning of Qualified Leads. I think this will help me to improve the rankings of my website. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I loved the article. I found it also a couple of days ago. It's a great read.