Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boost Your ROI Using Direct Mail

Want to get the attention of your B2B prospects? Just follow the right, old fashioned way of direct mail. Direct mail advertising can include postcard, brochure or sales letter that goes out regularly to a mail list of customers in your database. In this regard, good timing, quick action and a personal touch can together generate unbelievable ROI on a direct mail campaign.
But if you are wondering how to best incorporate your direct mail into a B2B campaign, just follow the below mentioned tips:
  1. Make it worth reading: Create something meaningful and choose a correct communication channel to catch audience attention. Customers expect the same increased relevancy and timeliness of email marketing, in direct mail also.
  2. Audience First: The objective of direct mail would change depending on where the customers are located on their buying cycle. In some cases they may need a physical mail of detailed description and sometimes just a photo of the product can serve their purpose.
  3. Decide the budget: Have a control of what you can spend on acquiring a customer. As direct mail costs more than some other marketing campaign. Direct mail is an effective tool that can be used at all stages of sales funnel, but a careful analysis of the cost model before sending out the mail is highly suggestive for maximum returns.
  4. Do not consider it as a whole marketing package: Direct mail is just a part of a multichannel strategy. Choose the right place where mails can best fit into your strategy. For example: send an email teaser to the customers alerting that a direct mail piece is coming to their inbox or set up an appointment with your customer, carry your mobile having an app to showcase the company services.
  5. Be a hotspot in B2B Direct mail: After proper segmentation, if you find a prospect that has lot of competition, for their time and attention, consider dimensional mailings. Dimensional mail went out of fashion with the advent of digital; it still can create a high impact if you want to pull the person towards your products and services.
So follow these simple rules before moving ahead with any direct mail campaign. And if you are wondering how to calculate the ROI, keep following my blog and I would disclose the science behind it. Till then, keep reading!!

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