Thursday, September 6, 2012

4 Convincing Reasons: Invest In The .mobi TLD!

With the introduction of scores of relatively cheap Android devices, the smart phone market is seeing massive growth all over the world. But .mobi is still the only top-level domain for mobile devices. That alone should be enough to convince you to acquire a .mobi TLD for your mobile website. However, if you still need a little prodding, feel free to read on.

1. You get white listed – It takes a lot to create a mobile site that’s both functional and attractive. And you most certainly don’t want to squander those resources by having your site render improperly. With a .mobi site, network-level transcoders automatically white list your site, ensuring that it renders the way you designed it to.

2. Your SEO rankings go up – Internet zone files allow you to register a separate entry for .mobi domain names. That means your mobile site gets crawled much faster and consequently will rank higher on SERPs; always a good thing.

3. You have industry support – Some of the largest and most influential web entities are behind the creation and proliferation of the .mobi TLD. These include Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson, Vodafone and T-Mobile to name a few. When you register a .mobi name, you gain an infrastructural base supported by the leading players on the web.

4. You invest in standardization – .mobi is a trustmark that has been developed solely to create a standardized and enhanced user experience as far as mobile internet is concerned. The .mobi tag is also perhaps the easiest way to differentiate between a regular website and a site that is created solely for the mobile user. This gives users the freedom to visit your mobile site (for quick and easy service) or your main company website (for harder to access but more extensive information) and can work wonders for your traffic in-flow.

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