Thursday, August 1, 2013

# Fail – Moment When Hashtags Loses Demeanor

Hashtags was one of the docile feature that might not have been flashy discoveries of the social media age but captured Twitter’s original calling card making a reputable mark. Easy to use and essential, hashtags have been essential the way users find, use and share information converting it as not only an important part of Twitter but other social networks like Facebook and Google+ etc.

Hashtags Presence

Hashtags presence can be judged back from Twitter that when used correctly can help introduce your brand and content to a new league of followers, customers and fans. Over the years several brands have accepted the same trending hashtag and created some of their own masterpiece to benefit from the increased attention and exposure. However there are some, who did not have had the not best of experience, so here we are mentioning the cases for reference while determining what actually went wrong:

      1. Blackberry
Want to acquire Blackberry as your client, keep few detail updated. #RIMJobs – Ok, a brief past, Blackberry used to run under the parent brand “Research in motion” therefore any employee quite emotional might not have noticed the obvious connotations related to this seemingly innocent hashtag before they pressed tweet.
      2. Waitrose
Quite interested to generate some nice user generated content from its loyal customers Waitrose launched the #WaitroseReasons campaign in 2012 encouraging followers to fill in the blank of a “I shop as Waitrose because..” but the event did not go as planned. Responses ranged a shed load of jokey tweets from amused followers.

      3. Susan Boyle
If you are thinking what is the best way to launch an album just give its own hashtag of course. So the SuBo team should have thought twice before releasing the #susanalbumparty hastag to the ever-excitable public. 

      4. McDonalds
Quite similar to Waitrose tale of woe, McDonalds launched the infamous #McDStories campaign in January 2012 in an attempt to generate a public love-in with brand and generate some “good news stories”. However the result was far from the reality.

      5. Entennman
The recent controversial case of Casey Anthony murder trial , American bakery Entennman decided to get involved with the trending #notguilty hashtag by tweeting: “Who’s #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!” As expected, a sincere apology followed soon.

So did we miss any major hashtag disaster, let us know..


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