Thursday, July 18, 2013

Growing B2B Challenges – Heads Up to Fight Better

Is your business “challenge free”. No, it is not and this count embraces almost all B2B organizations. Reshaping economy, changing consumer behavior pattern and complex decision-making process has increased risk rapidly. Knowing what these risks are and fighting them head on can help to ensure ongoing success.

Here are some of the core areas that should be addressed and monitored in order to ensure the health and productivity of your growing business:

1. Time Management
It does not matter whether your business is a start up, a relatively new enterprise, or a veteran company, it is always essential to clear the daily calendar of clutter that can be easily outsourced or digitized gaining extra quality time to brainstorm creative new ideas.

2. Analyzing business processes
The processes your business uses to facilitate mandatory functions – payroll, tax administration, employee benefits and to manage growth with inventory, fulfillment, customer relationship management becoming more important as you rise up in expansion mode.

3. Giving up Control
As business expand, the entrepreneur must evolve from a multi-tasking mindset to a more focused, responsible leader who inspires his or her team to meet and exceed organization’s mission.

4. Recruit Smart Talent
Recruiting best talent would require trained professionals who shall identify skills of your ideal candidate and fit them best within company culture.

5. Check Cash Flow
Quick tips that can improve cash flow include:
· Projecting your monthly sales and expenses
· Collecting client payments as soon as possible
· Paying invoices on the last day they are due
· Setting up a cash reserve account
· Learning how to decipher financial statements
· Reconciling your monthly bank statements

      6. Combating element of Change
As your business grows, there is one constant challenge that you need to face the element of change itself. The ensured way of continued growth of business is to approach the demands that invite change in the first place. Addressing these challenges head on will ensure the health and productivity of your growing business for years to come.

A fair heads up on the following challenges would definitely help businesses to fare better in the battle ensuring qualified sustainable long term results. 


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