Sunday, March 24, 2013

B2B E-Commerce for 2013 – Upcoming Challenges and Solutions

B2B e-commerce is one such field that has changed noticeable in the past couple of years. More than the game of it, the rules to play the game are changing and the buyers have become more sophisticated. DemandGen reported that 90% of business buyers say when they’re ready to buy. Isn’t that essential for marketers’ knowledge to work upon and shorten their selling cycle.

They also have the necessary resources available and to research about top-rated companies and find more of their information at trade-shows or online.

B2B e-commerce challenges for 2013:

1. Generating high-quality lead
Companies have voted that generating high quality leads and converting them into customers has become the toughest job. This is more because lack of resources in staff, budget and time.

2. Adjusting Mobile marketing into B2B marketing
Over 49% of marketers haven’t figured it out yet.

3. Conferences and Tradeshows
Though they are receiving the highest budget allocation but they aren’t able to develop the maximum number of leads.

4. Content Marketing
64% of B2B content marketers struggle with providing enough content.

5. Big Data
According to IAB report Marketing ROI in the era of Big data 36% marketers report that they have enough data but have no idea on what to do with it?

6. Lead-time
The lead time for B2B marketers can be months even years.

1. Social Media:
  • Building relationships with bloggers, community moderators, and social influencers can take your social media engagement level to next level. 
  • Social media is more popular content marketing tactic even more than articles.
  • LinkedIn beat Twitter for this year’s number one spot for social media content marketing after a redesign. More than 2.6 million companies use their site.
     2. Want to list down three effective lead generation techniques it should be email marketing, website and SEO. This statistics have led 50% of B2B marketers increase their lead generation budget.
      3. Research reports and videos have made the largest leaps forward in B2B content marketing.
      4. In person events generate more leads and are more effective.
   5. B2B content marketing ranks three important goals, lead generation, brand awareness and customer acquisition.
      6. Personalize content to target segment.
     7. Throughout the sales cycle keep in touch with the leads and pass it to the sales team when the budget timing seems right.

So plan your B2B e-commerce marketing strategy accordingly and be ready with pre-Easter sale. Till then keep reading!!


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