Wednesday, March 27, 2013

B2B Pinterest Story: Have You Pinned it Yet?

Pinterest is great promotion tool for business marketing. It has well written off its success story with unique feature having the potential to go viral, Pinterest has helped businesses to present themselves in front of the consumers with a new face and ultimately is able to drive attention and buzz to their product or service.
Lets get upfront and quickly discuss benefits of having a B2B Pinterest strategy:

1. Services - Have you Pinned it yet?
Create a Pinterest board that highlights your products or services so that potential clients or customers can see what your business is all about. Make sure that the image that is pinned links directly to a page that provides wider details about your products or services.

2. Webinars – Have you Pinned it yet?
Planning to host webinars, consider turning your webinars into videos. Create a webinar board and pin your webinar videos to that board. This step helps find quick information that customers might be looking for.

3. Videos marketing White Papers – Have you Pinned it yet?
If you are publishing white papers, create a short video that describes your white papers and pin that video to a special White Papers board on Pinterest. Always create separate pin board for each topic.

4. Infographics – Have you Pinned it yet?
Infographics is the latest way to engage followers and potential customers, as they offer information in crisp and visually appealing way. Therefore an attractive and eye-catching Infographic can define how much time a user spends on your Pinterest page, leading them to follow your board or page as a whole.

5. Landing Pages – Have you Pinned it yet?
An effective way for a website to turn traffic into leads is to include landing pages in the description of your pins. For example, if you recently held a webinar or presentation, pin a screenshot of the deck cover and include a downloadable link in the pin’s description.

6. Other’s Content – Have you Pinned it yet?
Pinterest, like any other social media site can and should be used for engagement and relationship driven purpose. Pin, like and comment on other people shares and increase in-house visitor numbers.

Finally got 6 top reasons for B2B Pinterest success story, just pin it and enjoy getting more visitor attention. 

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