Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Plan Something ‘New’ – Off Track Your B2B Marketing Strategy

It’s a new year with some new resolutions for B2B marketers too. But what new have you planned for your marketing campaign for this year. It is time to reevaluate what has worked well and what has worked not so well for your business endeavors.  Here’s what you can do more by adding something ‘new’ and that is by off tracking your B2B marketing strategy.

1.   Buzz up - Market:
What are you doing? How do you do it? Why is it important? So how do your customers or clients benefit? What results are they getting? You can start talking, post messages, add new web pages to sell your products and services and how great are you, sell the stories.

2.   Promote - Value:
Buyers ignore ads; they want what they want and when they want. Therefore to make your message loud and clear you have to actually do it. Add interesting value and promote the same.

3.   Boost - Online content:
If there is something that you would like to add to your website then it definitely should be a blog. A well informed blog with consistent posts can actually work wonders for driving traffic.

4.   New avatars – Get creative:
Try converting some easy to digest content in the form of videos. Current generation do not have the patience to read entire stories, they like easy to digest form of information, so fulfill their desires by offering information through videos, graphical e-books or infographics.

5.   Explore Social media – Get Interactive:
So where are your target market (audience, prospects, clients, customers, vendors, referral sources)? Find them out and connect with them, engage them in conversations. Post messages, like and share others content, answer questions and comment on blogs and discussions.

6.   Trending trends – Mobile marketing:
Make sure your websites are visible and compatible for mobiles. PCs soon will be a thing of the past and most of our time will be occupied by smart phones, iPads and other devices. Get into the race.

If you think there can be some innovative ways to market share with us. Till then happy blogging. 

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