Monday, June 4, 2012

Top 11 Google Adwords Tips

Using Google Adwords is not very new to advertiseonline, but still people fail to optimize it properly. Without optimization youwill definitely end up with only a few clicks a day and that’s if you arelucky. On the flip side, you could end up paying a way more than you wanted.

In this blog, I will provide you up to 11 killer tipsthat you can utilize on your Google Adwords for the maximum effect.
1. Optimize the landing page
The most effectiveof the Google AdWords tips is to optimize the landing page for each keywordterm. If you are providing SEO service, and you started a campaign on SEOservice, your website must have a special landing page for SEO and otherservice which you have to offers on other pages.
Avoid using yourhome page for the landing page for every AD campaign unless it precisely dealswith what you’re selling.
2. Usekeywords in ad text:
Show the searcher that your ad is relevant. Google willdisplay the search keywords in bold in your ad if they are present this helpsyour ad stand in front of the crowd.
3. Usedynamic titles:
Dynamic titles are easy, their cost is very cheap ornear to nothing and also gives a good effect on CTR and conversion rates. Thephrase that the searcher uses in their search will come up as the title of yourAdword. By this you can create an individual keyword and hence your ad would bemore targeted. In the title field of your ad simply put (keyword: your backuptitle here.) the backup title is in case the search phase is too long for thetitle field or if Adwords can’t display the search for some other reason.
4. Don’t buy keywords that cost more than you make
It would make no sense to spend $10 on a keyword if youplan to sell a $5 widget. Don’t waste money by buying expensive keywords thatdo not earn a profit.
5. Track your conversions:
Set up split A/B testing on each of your Adwordcampaigns, test, and change accordingly to which is performing better.
6. Use targeted networks:
Target yourusers after you’ve determined your analytics and have data about who yourvisitors are and what they like. Target the geographical locations, especiallywhen you are doing local campaigns.
7. Use negative keywords:
Don’t wasteyour money by just Adword clicks that target keywords that are irrelevant toyour landing page. Use negative keywords to filter out words which only causethe user to bounce.
8. Prevent utilizing the ‘content targeting’ and ‘searchnetwork’:
Prevent utilizing the ‘content targeting’ and‘search network’ aspects until you are well familiar with Google. If you dounderstand anything about a site, you apparently won’t gain from it. Eachdiffers greatly on conversion rates and CTRs. If you ask experts for GoogleAdWords tips, the first thing, they would say is try to avoid advanced featuresat first.
9. Set a weekly budget and stickto it:
When you’re first starting out this isreally important. AdWords is addictive, and like anything else addictive, it canquickly get out of hand. A keyword may convert like nobody’s business one dayand die the next. Make sure you know a keyword is working — more importantly,know why it is working — before you invest more.
10. Includea Call to Action:
Addkeywords such as Order Today, Free Shipping, Act Now and many other keywordswhich will add a sense of urgency. An urgent offer will put the visitor on highalert to act before it’s too late.
11. Avoid freebie hunters:
Using freecan help people click your ad but there are many out there that are justlooking for free stuff online. Because these freebie hunters aren’t looking tomake a purchase, they will click on your ad, costing you money, and bounceafter they find that you’re not offering anything free.

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