Friday, June 29, 2012

B2B-Website Needs To Be More Social

We all know that the phenomenon of Internet has changed today. The way people use the web, is also modified to some extent. So, when the web and their users are changing, the B2B websites have to make some strategies or you can say changes to get closer to their near and dear users. It’s important to adjust your strategy to match the way people are using the web.

Back a few years ago, before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube… a little before MySpace, your website layout needed to focus mostly on information surrounding your product. The focus was only to make your site stickier and using keywords to attract the search engine crawlers. The goal was just to provide your valuable information with some fantastic content. 

Why Go Social?
No doubt, today, content is still king. We still need some tools and informative info so as to keep people on our site, and to keep them coming back for more. But the question comes into my mind, is it good enough to carry with these information only? And I have found that, this is not the only way to go. Can you guess what that is?
If your answer is “Social,” then you are on the right track. Of course, today’s websites need to be social. Your website needs a social element that we did not think about in the simple days of SEO. You need to make your socially acceptable; otherwise it will be an outcast. 

Social Elements
If you have decided to make your online presence more social, think twice before you redirect incoming traffic to a public social network. You can engage that traffic on your own website and get better return on investment (ROI). So, here are the following methods may require technical changes 

1. Blogs
See, what I am doing. Blogging, right! A brand without a blog is a brand nothing to say. If you are just starting on your social web, then you might need to start the journey with a blog. Blogging is the perfect way to get closer to your target customers. Blog to your target audience and allow them to share their feedback, discuss with them, and then you will find the difference.
You should make posts that encourage interaction, conversation & engagement. Ask questions… Be helpful… Be personable… Be real. Just like your post on Facebook to get people to LIKE & COMMENT, you should do the same thing with your website content and blogs. 

2. Forums and Expert Panels
Running a forum on your website is just like to create community. You need a cool website that is not only links to social media websites, but that matches the mind set of your visitor. But, you should not think about a forum as a way to create community. Instead, it should be a way to serve a community that is already there and eager to link up and share their thoughts.
This way is the best way to attract new visitors; forums can be very valuable for sites that involve technical topics, hobbies and past times, fan bases. And niche interests. 

3. Make your Website personable
Many B2B companies make the mistake of making their website content overly business-like. Think of it this way, your company is not being read by a large company or big mass. No, take into consideration that it is being read by one person. You need to connect with that one person who is visiting to your website on a one-to-one basis. 

4. Contests, Polls, and Voting
Contests, polls, and voting are an easy way to get visitors involved without necessarily asking them to identify themselves (though you can do that, if you'd like). They're also a fun way to engage your community with a simple, fast feedback mechanism. Results can be displayed in real time, or on a given reveal date. 

Ways to make your website more socially acceptable
We are in a new day. If you want results, you need to make it fit-in with the rest of the web, or else. Well, if you want your website to be nerd or an outcast, then it’s fine for you. But, if you need visible social media links above-the-fold, a personable appeal with photos of real people and conversational text, encouraging and interactive content, use video and display social proof which you need to pertain. Get in to the groove.

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