Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Effects That Every Small Business Should Know About Branding

Branding- wheather you want it or not believe me you already have it, if you have stepped into the world of business. Many start ups think that they can skip the branding for later, till they figure what they really want to known as. But, I suggest you create a brand for yourself, before you get branded something you really don’t want to be known as.
A powerful brand that's aimed right at your ideal client or customer can stop them in their tracks and talk them to stick around; whereas a lame brand gets ignored and forgotten quickly when there are millions of others who are tempting with links to click on.
Always keep in mind that brand is not just a pretty, attractive logo, and a fancy tagline, but it is about how well you are providing what you are best at, how well you communicate with your customers, and how consistent are you.
So here are few advice that every small business start ups should know and follow about branding:
1. Be Consistent:
Yes, consistency is very important, till you don’t keep repeating your brand message to your customers; they are not going to remember who you are and what you have to offer. It is not just the brand image that is essentially consistent but also the brand message, if you keep changing you brand message then nobody is going to remember your brand in the future. And you will “branded” under the fluctuating types.
2. Prevent your Sales Team from Deflating your Consistency:
We all know the whole pint of having a sales team is for talking to the customers into your product or service, but many a times the sales representative develop their own way, message and story to get the customers.
This can be a problem because the customers are getting to hear different stories every time they listen to sales representative. Ultimately, your customer base will have many impressions of what your business does, and this will cause them to overlook the key products and services you have to offer and perhaps look around for something new.
3. Branding is More Than Just a Logo:
Like I mentioned before, branding is not just about having a fancy logo and a tagline but a lot more than that. Creating a good relation with your customer through a smart and good communication is what adds onto your brand images.
Branding should lunge deeper into the details still, in terms of consistent font styles, product/service descriptions, item numbers, and any other data and imagery customers see.
4. Emphasize on your Brand Value and Be Focused:
A perfect professional branding screams out your core values and key differentiators of your business. It is the value that matters to your customers/prospects, and you need to emphasize on it. A successful brand will let the customers, what are they for? What can they provide? It is cheap or costly? Is it reliable and credible?
The more adulterated your message, more probability that your customers are not going to be loyal to you. Be focused on what you are in the market to provide, target your audience and be what your best at providing.
5. Segmentation is the Word:
The first thing before you even start your business is to know your audience; segment your customers, decide who you really want to cater to. Targeting the market and segmenting your customer helps you to save your time and money.e
In other words, you need a well thought-out plan for creating the right impression with the right audience, the smaller and the niche your audience the easier it is. Then make sure you create that impression consistently with everything you do.
A sturdy brand helps your company to stand out in the crowd, the brand that your company carry’s is what your business really is and what people think of your business. A good brand creates customer loyalty, retention, and an economical base depending on which your business is moving.
To understand branding as a small start up business you will not have to shell out some lump sum amount of money but can achieve it in a very economical cost. It all about projecting your company the right way and creating a good lasting impression in the minds of your customers, which later on becomes their perception about your company.

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