Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 Terrific Free Mobile Apps for the Business Professionals

Smartphone’s the name itself says it all, yes with the discovery of Smartphone’s and other similar gadgets like I pad, notebook, etc. you can get all the information’s and tasks in just a touch!
Smartphone’s and their uses are immense, from sharing to downloading you can do everything with the help of the various features that this technology boon offers you .Business management get easier as you can carry your work anywhere and everywhere in this compact, sophisticated, user friendly device.

So here is a quick sneak peek too few of the best free mobile apps for the business professionals:
1. Dropbox:
One of the fastest growing applications, Dropbox helps you to transfer large files in no time. It is a magical tool that helps you to access anything anywhere. With DropBox installed on your PC, whatever you save on your Dropbox will automatically be saved to your computer, iPhone, iPad and even to Dropbox website for easy access.
2. WordPress:
This application helps you to write your thoughts out. It lets you to update your posts, create new ones, moderate comments and all other related tasks that you would do via WordPress for your blog, and do it on the go.
3. LinkedIn: 
Every business professional should definitely be an active member of LinkedIn, and this mobile application helps you to carry your professional contacts and information’s with you anytime anywhere. You will have access to your inbox, recent updates by peers, and the ability to quickly add others to your network on the go.

4. Twitter:
It has been proven that news travel faster on twitter, so I am sure you don’t want to miss on the latest news that is being tweeted. Hence get twitter application and read and feed in your latest news on the go.
5. Flipboard:
Flip through all your essentials, varying from photos, news to music and videos. With this tool, you can see your social media accounts in an easy to scan and fun to read manner. It is easy to share and a visual treat. Also known as the “Social Magazine”, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this.
6. SkyGrid:
SkyGrid connects people to the things they care about. The SkyGrid platform provides web-scale infrastructure to help people connect with what they are passionate about. It is a RSS feed that makes browsing easier for you.
7. Evernote:
Evernote allows you to access anything from notes, feed, contacts to photos, anywhere at any time. Easy way to travel with everything you need. 

With all this “cool” apps work becomes so much easier and fun, isn’t it? So if you are still not aware of these apps, it is time to get smarter, so go get a Smartphone.

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