Friday, July 27, 2012

Being Spammer: 29 Ways to Avoid

I have been said so many times that the email marketing is not that easy, as there is every chance to end on a spamming note. Most of email marketers have complains that their emails have been landing on spam folder instead of inbox. So what are the reasons, after a thorough research and study, here, I have mentioned 29 reasons for which you are suffering the suspect of “Being Spammer.”

  1. Never begin your emails with, “Dear Friend,” or “Dear Customer.”
  2. Stop joint venturing the list with others. You live your marketing career one batch email at a time.
  3. Avoid size 38 Impact font.
  4. Your emails should stimulate your recipient’s interests.
  5. Never over-advertise yourself. That may be addressed you negatively.
  6. Do check your “From” address for human replies.
  7. Take care if your email is sent to yourself, blind-carbon copying recipients.
  8. Add the necessary unsubscribe link.
  9. Never pad your unsubscribe link with more than four lines to bury the link below the fold.
  10. Take care of the case sensitive. You can’t write every letter using caps lock
  11. Take care of the subject lines that begin with “Re:” or “Fwd:” even though you didn’t reply or forward.
  12. Stop predicting. Never use the sentences like, “If you’re interested…” or “If you’d like…”
  13. Instead of making assumptions, your email should be clear and expressive.
  14. Use graphics according to the following mail.
  15. Focus on the value you provide your subscribers.
  16. Just randomly don’t start mailing everyone. Email recipients should have an idea who you are or why the received your message.
  17. Do stick to your email service providers. You can’t change your service provider after every four months.
  18. Be cautious and concerned if your ESP’s abuse desk personnel trying to know you on a first name basis.
  19. Renew your email contact database.
  20. Avoid your contact database from segmentation into “blast,” “email” and “do not email.”
  21. Don’t insist that it’s the fault of the ESP that your deliverability is in the dump.
  22. If you have purchased a list of leads, then don’t be over ambitious they want your email.
  23. Your opt-in Web Form should not be lacking any sort of expectation of email.
  24. Instead of sending thousand pieces of email on a daily basis, it’s better to provide spend some time on the quality aspect also. Remember that you are internet marketer and hence you need to put some innovative ideas to make it more creative.
  25. Do not export your Outlook address book and imported the same into your email provider.
  26. Don’t be so desperate in search of an email list cleaner, email blaster or mass mailer.
  27. Don’t r over bombard with offers.
  28. You seem to have invented a new form of opt-in, known as a “soft opt in.”
  29. Your lead generation model consists of a fishbowl at conferences.

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